Monday, July 31, 2017

Followers of Jesus Christ

This week I had the opportunity to accompany President Alarcón to several places throughout the mission, as he continues to become familiarized with the cities, the leaders, and the missionaries.  It is wonderful to work with him, and learn from his example of leadership, and from his actions and his testimony.

With the help of the Holy Ghost, I was able to learn from him and from many others this week.  I was able to see others in a different way, as followers of Jesus Christ.  I have had the opportunity to watch as President Alarcón, besides the fact that he arrived to Ecuador without knowing the missionaries, the local leaders, or the people or area, begin to bring about miracles.  Many have already been affected by his love and his efforts to serve and to bring about the work of God, and I have seen the Spirit touch me and others as he has been an instrument in God´s hands.  What it is that he has done in this short time that he has here?  I realized that it is very simple.  He has simply come willing to serve and with desires to be obedient to what God has called him to do.  His genuine love for God has led him to do things that he didn´t even know how to do, but that, through His divine help, he has been able to accomplish to bless the lives of others.

I saw that in the example of others as well.  As I sat in church yesterday, I looked over the faces of the members of my ward and observed as many of them served others, simply by saying hi or welcoming another to church with a smile.  I saw one brother who, by small and simple means had blessed the lives of several others present in the meeting yesterday.  About six months ago, this brother had met a couple who he had recently met, who had recently moved to Guayaquil from Venezuela just a few weeks before.  He talked to them about his beliefs in our Savior Jesus Christ, and shared his testimony with them.  Soon after, he invited the missionaries to visit this couple with him.  He continued to help this couple as they came to know the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and they were baptized just 2 or 3 months later.  Now they are actively coming to church every week, participating in family history work and church activities, and the father is carrying out his duties as a Melchizedek Priesthood holder.  We saw another couple that came to the church for the first time yesterday.  This brother had also invited them to come with him to church, and we could see that they could feel the Spirit as they met the ward members, and listened during the classes.  They left with big smiles on their faces, and with a brighter glow in their countenance.  

What is it that this brother is doing?  He, like President Alarcón, is faithfully serving His Savior.  He is not giving speeches to multitudes of people, nor making fire come down from Heaven as a great miracle.  He is simply acting in a faithful, obedient and loving way.  Love for his loving Father in Heaven.  It is by these small, simple, acts, inspired and guided by the Holy Ghost that are bringing about miracles in the lives of others, one by one.  I am very grateful for their examples, and for the perfect example of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is my desire to serve Him constantly and faithfully, so that He can bless the lives of others, and that I might be an instrument in His hands to help them also be followers of Him.

I hope we can all simply listen and follow the quiet promptings of the Holy Ghost in our desires to serve God and to serve and love those around us.  I know that with God´s help, our efforts will bring about miracles, and we will be witnesses to see God´s love extending to all of His children.

Have a wonderful week!

-Elder Oyler
Take a look at the last name of the other elder in this pic.  :)

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