Saturday, July 8, 2017


This week I was able to be with the new mission president and his family as they got to know the mission and all the missionaries.  It has been quite an experience!  I have learned a lot!  While I miss President and Sister Riggins, I am also grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve with and get to know the new mission president, President Alarcón and his family.  They are wonderful and have come ready with lots of excitement to start serving in the new calling that God has given them.

We had several conferences in places throughout the mission, and have been able to visit all of the missionaries with the Alarcón family.  We have traveled quite a bit and been able to watch as they come to know what will be their home for three years!  Seeing them try new foods, and see new sights, and they have already come to love certain dishes and places!

One of the things that I have learned about this week is the importance of a council, especially in the church but in each of our lives.  Since President Alarcón came without knowing hardly anything about the mission, he was able to use councils to get to know and start working with the mission.  Through the councils we have had (council for leaders, councils as the mission office, etc.) we have come to align our visions and goals, without throwing aside anyone's ideas or input.  President Alarcón was able to start leading the mission, but also able to have everyone's input so we could all come to a conclusion as to how we all, together, would continue to work as a mission despite the changes.  Councils are something so simple, but I have come to understand more the importance of a council.  After just one week, we have all, as a mission, been able to understand where we are going and come to an accordance as to how things will be done, and nobody has been offended, or unheard, and we have come to an understanding.

Councils can be applied in many situations, and I have seen how councils are helping my companion and I continue to work together, having the same vision, and not having any uncertainties that might irritate or bring confusion or misunderstandings.  

I have realized that through councils, I will be able to avoid problems in family relationships, in work, in school, and in any interaction with someone else.  Councils held while maintaining Christlike attributes (love, patience, humility, etc.) will strengthen and fortify every relation that we have.  I hope we can all resolve any challenges or misunderstandings we have, maintaining Christlike attributes and together finding the solution to our problems.  The doubt and uncertainty, anger and disrespect will be replaced with love and joy, relief and unity.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

-Elder Oyler
The Osuna family!  They finally were baptized!  I was invited to attend the baptism, and had the opportunity to baptize Rosalva, the mom :)  Such a great family!


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