Monday, July 17, 2017


This week the weather has still been quite nice, a lot cooler and less humid than winter, and the breeze has been pleasant!  It has been another wonderful week full of work and joy from serving in God´s work, and the week ended with the baptism of one of our investigators!

I learned a lot from this wonderful experience this week.  I had the great privilege of baptizing her on Saturday, and as she got into the water, she was a little nervous and afraid (partly for fear of going under the water, and partly for the decision she was about to make).  She was tempted to leave in that moment, but she continued with faith!  It was a spiritual experience for her and for all present.  After her baptism, she had the opportunity to share her testimony, and she expressed how she had been in many different religions, but had never quite found what she was looking for.  She expressed that as she came to know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, there were many influences that seemed to pull her away from learning more, and from preparing to be baptized.  She had several friends who tried to persuade her not to be baptized, and many times when she almost followed those influences, but she expressed that she kept going, and that she knew that this wasn´t just a good thing to do, but that she was being baptized in the true church of Christ, and that she is now ´another sheep in His fold´.  The spirit testified firmly as she shared her simple testimony of the sacred baptismal ordinance that she performed.  

I know that this is Christ´s church.  I know that the Holy Ghost testifies of this truth, and of all other truths, so that we can follow Christ, and know when we are in the path that leads us back to live with our Loving Heavenly Father, being like Him, fulfilling our full potential, as His eternal sons and daughters.  My hope is that we can all recognize and feel this special confirmation from the Holy Ghost as we strive to follow Christ and listen to the still small voice of the Holy Ghost this week! 

-Elder Oyler 

Elizabeth´s baptism

Bus ride from Quevedo with Elder Wright

Exchange this week with Elder Ogden (from my same group)

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