Monday, June 19, 2017

God's work

I hope you have all had a wonderful week filled with recognizing the countless blessings from our Loving Father in Heaven that surround us constantly.  This week, I have seen the uncomprehensible love that He has for us!  Even though it is often quite difficult and faith trying in my humble efforts to serve the Lord, I continue seeing His hand in all I do, in the moments when I feel I can´t keep going, after giving all that my limited abilities have, I see that He steps in and does His part in His work.  I never stop seeing His hand as I continue trusting in Him, even though I can´t possibly do all that is asked of me by myself.  But I testify that He will be involved, and as we serve Him, we will be humble instruments in His hands, and feel the eternal joy of being a part of His work.  I hope we can always remember those moments when we have seen and recognized that He has helped us, and that we let that keep motivated us every day!

-Elder Oyler
Brother Call came to Ecuador! (One of my former companions)

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