Monday, March 27, 2017

Lots of rain!

I haven´t had a whole lot of time to write recently, so I will give a bit of an update.  First of all, this year the rainy season has been a lot stronger than last year!  And there is quite a bit of lightning which everyone says is not normal for Ecuador.  We will see how much longer the rainy season keep up.  These last few weeks I have been able to do exchanges with most of the zone leaders, and I have learned a lot from each one of them.  I am grateful to be able to work with them, and to learn from them.  I have also had the opportunity to help in the training at a few of the zone conferences, which has been another big learning experience.

So I have been adjusting and learning a lot, and I am excited to keep serving and learning every day!  I am grateful to be a missionary, and am grateful to be a son of a Loving Heavenly Father!

I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Oyler
4 assistants

Lunch with some members

Going through the fields, coming back to Guayaquil

In the bus terminal

Monday, March 13, 2017

New Assignment

I asked Harrison what his new assignment was as one of the Assistants and this was his reply:  :)
For this transfer, President Riggins wants us to do transfers with all the zone leaders, so we will be doing that for the next few weeks.  Also, we don`t go to the office much at all, we will pass by occasionally, but no more than once a week.  I am still helping Elder Smith learn a few last things as well, since we didn`t quite finish all the training.  Sometimes we email from the office, but today we are in a Cyber emailing.  I am proselyting a lot more now than I was in the office.  Also, we help sometimes in trainings and in other events, helping in the training of the missionaries.  It has been a big learning experience so far, but I am grateful that I can still work with President Riggins, and work with all the missionaries in the mission still :)  Sorry that I haven`t had a lot of time to write, hopefully we will be able to find more time to write. :) 
This last week I was able to go to Quevedo again (3.5 hours from Guayaquil) and we were able to work with the zone leaders there for 2 days.  Also, I worked a day in Milagro with the zone leaders there.  This week we will work with the zone leaders of the Kennedy (here close in Guayaquil) and Babahoyo, so I will get to see Babahoyo again! 
I am learning a lot, and at times don`t feel very qualified for this assignment, but I trust in God, and know that He knows exactly what He wants me to do, and that He will help me accomplish that.  Thank you for your help and support!  I love you!
-Elder Oyler

Heading off to Quevedo

A beautiful sky one day.

Eating encebollado in Quevedo

Full moon

Monday, March 6, 2017


Sorry I don´t have a lot of time again, but I will have changes again today :)  We will live in the same house, but we will be working in Guayacanes Ward, in the Orquídeas Stake.  It is right next to Los Sauces.  Also, my new assignment is still the same, as one of the assistants to President Riggins.  There are 6 assistants at this time in the mission, and I am excited to be able to serve as one of them, and to be able to continue working with President Riggins, and with all the missionaries in the mission.  Sorry that I don´t have more time, but I will try to write more next week!

I love you all!

-Elder Oyler
The six assistants
Elder Contreras and I.