Saturday, January 28, 2017

The prophet's voice

This week we had a worldwide missionary broadcast, and we were able to listen to a council which included 3 of the apostles, along with other leaders of the church.  As I was able to hear them speak, I was motivated even more to be a more obedient follower of Jesus Christ, and of His prophets and apostles who are examples and role models for us.  I am very grateful that we have loving prophets, who are guided and directed as to how to help us follow our loving Heavenly Father in our every day lives.

Part of the broadcast was announced some changes that will be applied as missionaries.  A change in daily schedule and a change in the missionary´s key indicators.  The change will be giving us as missionaries more opportunities to exercise our agency, and will help us be able to be more efficient in the missionary work.  I am excited to see the results of these changes as we put them in practice!

As for the weather, it has still been raining every so often, but not a super strong rain recently.  I feel like this winter has not been as strong as last winter (heat and rain).  It could be that the area I was in last year has different weather, or maybe this year just isn´t as strong, or I was more prepared for it personally, but there are still a few more months of the Ecuador winter weather, so we will see how they go!

I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Oyler
We at with the Torres family this week.
 (The one by me was the one that was companions with my cousin, Logan, in Lima.)

I love being able to see the temple often!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jimmy and Juliana

This week we had a wonderful experience!  Elder Cochran and I were working in a part of our area that doesn´t have as many members or investigators, so we have been trying to find more there recently.  It was getting close to time to go home, and I felt like with should go visit a certain member.  They weren´t in our plans, so the idea just came to my mind, and it felt right, so I followed.  We visited them, and asked for a referral, and the wife said she would talk with some friends to see if they would accept a visit. We thanked her, and then headed home.  The next day, there were so many small things that happened (to name some: problems with our phone, leaving a little later than planned to do things I had to do with missionary´s visas, etc.) that made it possible to meet 2 new investigators.  We happen to run into the same member by the mission office, and she said she had tried to call us earlier, but wasn´t able to, but invited us to her house that night to meet Jimmy, a friend of hers.  Because our phone wasn´t working, we never set the appointment we had planned to set so we were able to go to this member´s house.  (I have only mentioned a few of the many small things that happened so that we could make it to the member´s house to meet the investigator).

In the end, we met Jimmy, the member´s friend, and he was very prepared and very interested in our message.  By the end of the visit, he had basically asked us if we would be able to return and teach more, and he willingly accepted the invitation to be baptized and to start preparing.  His friend, Juliana, also came in halfway through the visit, and actually came in right before we invited Jimmy to be baptized, but she also accepted to prepare to be baptized.  They are planning on coming to church this week.  The spirit was very strong, and looking back on it all, I was amazed to see how everything worked out so that we could be instruments in the hands of God to help Jimmy and Juliana start to come unto Christ.  I know God is watching over each one of us, and I know He is our Heavenly Father.  This is His work, and I am very grateful that I have been called to serve as a full time missionary, helping to bring our brothers and sisters unto Christ.

I hope we can all remember that God is constantly bringing to pass His work, and He gives us many opportunities to help, and trusts us with the opportunities to bless the lives of others as we diligently seek to serve Him.  I hope we will continue to search His will over our own!

-Elder Oyler 
My last day with Elder Spencer (We were companions for almost 10 months).  I am grateful that he was my companion!  We have lots of great memories together!

Saturday, January 7, 2017


It was another loud New Years in Ecuador.  I was woken up on New Years Eve just a little before midnight as all the fireworks and ´monigotes´ started to go off.  Another year has started!

This week it has also started to rain.  We haven´t had a very big rain yet, but today it has been raining quite a bit.  Right now it is actually slightly cooler than normal, but this week it has been a lot hotter!  A lot more humid too.  On Sunday, the three of us, Elder Spencer, Elder Cochran and I got to a members house and we were all sweating and had just walked up a big hill so we all showed up and we must have looked a little worn out, because the member quickly invited us in, gave us water and offered us some crackers with a slight hint of worry in his face.  :)  We were fine, but it definitely was hot!  It is that time of year again!

Also, this week I was studying in Helaman chapter 5, and the number of times it mentions ´remembering´ caught my attention.  I thought about all the blessing and miracles that Nephi and Lehi saw and performed, and I realized that a big part of that being possible was because they remembered.  What was it that they remembered?  It mentions quite a few things, obedience, the examples of their forefathers, etc., but they had to have remembered who they were, and who God is.  They had to have remembered what their purpose was, and that they were sons of God, and that He prepared for them an eternal reward, as they diligently served Him.  As they remembered, they must have been motivated and inspired by those simple truths to keep serving lovingly and diligently, patiently and courageously, despite whatever circumstances they faced.  I have seen that personally, as sometimes people we meet don´t accept the message we have, or when it seems like we aren´t doing the Lord´s work right, as I have remembered that God is my loving Father, I have had peace and been inspired to keep working diligently.

I hope we can all remember that God is our Father, and that Christ makes it possible to become like Him.  I hope we can let that memory fill our minds and motivate us to keep moving forward, trusting in God, until we receive the eternal reward that He is preparing for us.

-Elder Oyler

A picture with Denny Salguero, the new member who just got baptized a couple of weeks ago