Saturday, September 24, 2016


This week in my studies, I was learning about how as we follow Christ, we truly develop charity.  It is incredible how as we have faith and hope in Christ, and as we follow Him, we begin to be like Him!  We begin to have more charity.  I was reading in Moroni 7, and 2 Peter 1 this week, where it talks a lot about the process of developing charity, by faith, hope, patience, temporance, etc. and this week I saw a great example of this charity.

We went and visited a member of the ward who is doing remodeling in his house to be able to rent out different parts of his house.  We visited him, and he was telling us about all his plans for his house, and we realized that there were already several people living in those apartments he was building.  We asked him about it, and he told us that he was just letting them live there, because he saw that they were in need.  They were not paying anything to live there, but he was lending then the newly remodeled rooms that he had just finished.  And not only that, but one of the guys living there (another member) is trying to sell food to get money, and the member that is letting him live in his house is helping him find people to sell to, asking around for people who could buy a lunch from him, and then he takes him in his car to deliver the food!  I saw in this members example this true charity.  In a world that sometimes seems a little self centered and unkind, it is great to see that there are true disciples of Christ that are lifting up the lives of others!  Those who have truly developed charity, who are giving and sacrificing, even when it is not required, to help someone else.  To lighten another´s burdens, or to offer another help.  

I know that Christ is the true and perfect example of charity.  I know that as we follow Him, we will become like Him, and we will be able to help our friends and family, and even strangers just as Christ would. 

I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Oyler

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Busy week!

This week has been quite the busy week!  We had missionaries leave, and others get here, and both the leaving group and the arriving group were quite big!  12 left, and 20 got here, so it has been quite a bit of work!  With the way things worked out, I believe I went to the airport 6-7 times this week!  It has been busy, but also a great experience being able to serve God, and also to help the returning missionaries, and the new missionaries as they begin their service here in Ecuador.

We are still working with this Venezuelan family of 4 that we met just a few weeks ago!  They are working towards getting baptized on the 15 of October!  We are really excited for them, and the members and ward are helping them a lot as they are getting to know the church and the gospel.  It is amazing to see everyone taking a little part in helping this family, our brothers and sister, start a new path in their life, and begin to follow Christ in His way.  They joy that I see in myself, in the members that are helping, and in this family is real, and I know that it is a directly from serving our Loving Heavenly Father, and that He is blessing us for being willing to serve Him and others.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

-Elder Oyler
Our baptismal plan for the Venezuelan family.  The Azuna Family.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Working with members

This week, we had another great experience as we have been trying to find people to teach through the members of the church.  There are a few Venezuelan families in the ward, and there are quite a few venezuelas moving to Ecuador recently.  There was a new family of 4 moving in, and they somehow met the venezuelan members of the church who were helping them find housing and things like that, and they invited us over to a family night to meet them.  They are truly prepared, and, not only have we found a new family to teach, but they already know some members, and the members have been able to serve, and are willing and ready to keep helping this family progress, learn, and be able to follow Christ!

I love being able to find through members, and I am so grateful that there are great members of the church who help and support, not only the missionaries in their callings, but help and support other members, and other non members in whatever is needed.  In these moments I have truly been able to feel and see the Savior´s love!  I hope we can all follow the example of these members who are bringing this love into the lives of those who surround them!

Have a wonderful week!

-Elder Oyler

Service project (Luis, the guy in the picture is another referal from a member, the member´s brother, who is really cool and also very prepared!  He does not live in our sector, so we sent the referal, but he is a very nice guy!)

Logan´s companion and I
(Logan is Harrison's cousin.  He served in the same mission with this guy in the pictures.  This guy is now in Harrison's ward.  Small world!)

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Eduardo got baptized last Saturday!  He was very excited for his baptism, and was ready to do everything necessary to get baptized! He truly was an example of humility and faith for me!  Also, his wife (who got baptized a few months ago) was very happy as well, and they are looking forward to getting sealed in the temple in a year!  They are awesome!

Also, Eduardo showed up in a white shirt, tie, AND a suit to his confirmation on Sunday, and he looked like he had been a member for years!  He fits in very well, and will help build God´s kingdom a lot as he continues to serve the Lord!

I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Oyler

I found the guy who was the secretary a few years ago! He was visiting, and was the one who started the "Secretary tie" and the "office tie".
Baptism of Eduardo