Saturday, June 25, 2016


I had changes!  But it was just a small change.  I am still with my same companion in the office, but we switched sectors with the other office Elders.  So now I am no longer in the Urdesa ward, but in Urbanor.  And now the temple is in my sector!  We get to pass by the temple every day to get to the sector!  I am excited to meet a new ward, and to work in this area!

Also, there were lots of missionaries that we took to the airport this week, and quite a few new missionaries who got here, so that has been a big part of what we have done this week.  I hope you all remember that our families can be eternal!  As we all strive to follow Christ, we will not only acheive an eternal family, but we will have joy and love in our families now as well!  I hope everyone has a great week!

-Elder Oyler
Dropped my trainer off at the airport

I mostly see the other side of the temple now!

 Interesting castle looking house with cannons....

Someone set up Christmas decorations for ´Half Christmas Day´-- Happy Half Christmas!


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Elder Rasband (Again) :)

We got to see Elder Rasband one more time this week!  We saw him on Saturday with the missionaries, and I was lucky enough to be serving in a ward that is in the stake that Elder Rasband visited on Sunday!  It was amazing to see the affect his visit had on everyone who was there!  And it was a great experience for all the people that we are teaching who were able to come, because he shook everyones hand! :)

Also, I went on a trip with Elder Spencer, and President Zambrano (the Stake President who is a taxi driver who help out the missions a lot) to a little town called Catarama (about 2.5 hours away).  We had to go someone unexpectledly because there were problems with one of the houses that some sister missionaries are living in, and we had to go help them get a new house.  That was a cool trip, and President Zambrano always teaches us so much!  We passed by pretty close to Babahoyo, where I started the mission, which was cool too!  Lots of cool experiences that I will remember about being in the mission office!

This week my love for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ has grown even more!  I love being able to share my testimony, and share the thing that bring so much joy to my life!  I hope we can all continue learning about this gospel, and continue serving God with all that we have!  The joy that comes from this is true and everlasting!  Yo sé que Jesucristo realmente vive, y nos provee la vida eterna!  Él es el camino!  Que todos lo sigamos es mi deseo!

-Elder Oyler

Pic of my sector

Long story, but these flowers were from Sister Rasband :) Remind me to tell it when I get back

Trip to Catarama


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Elder Rasband

This morning we had a conference with Elder Rasband from the Quorom of the 12 Apostles!  It was an experience I will never forget!!!  All three Guayaquil missions were there to hear from Elder Rasband and his wife!  I got to sing in the choir of missionaries for the conference, so I was sitting just three rows behind Elder Rasband the whole time!  And we all got to shake his hand!

So I can not even begin to explain all that I learned from a true Apostle of the Lord, and the way I felt during this meeting, but I can truly say that I know that he is called of God, and really helps direct God´s true church here on the earth!  The love, spirit, kindness, knowledge, and testimony of the Living Christ that he shared was something I will never forget!  I felt a portion of God´s incomprehensible love from one of His servants today!  God´s love for me is so incredible, and I wanted to keep the feeling that I had during that meeting with me forever!  I was a little sad to see him leave, but it helped me understand how we can truly show God´s love to others in who we are.  He is an example of someone who has become a lot like Christ, and is motivation for me to become like him, and become like Christ!  I know that as we all strive to follow Christ that we can spread the love God has for every one of His children, and in the process I know that we will truly come to know His love for ourselves better as well!  I hope we can all, myself included, find joy and love in serving others!  Acting and loving as Christ would!  I know that that is where true and lasting joy is found, and how we can receive eternal life in the presence of our loving Father in Heaven, in his love and glory forever!

I don´t know how else to describe this wonderful conference we had with Elder Rasband, but it was truly incredible and unforgettable!  I know that God´s prophets truly guide and direct us!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

-Elder Oyler

Sorry, I only have one picture this week.
 A little alleyway thing.  It is quite a bit more interesting in person.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Temple and the Holy Ghost

This week we had a very cool lesson at the temple!  Friday morning, a guy from our ward called us, and asked us to come to the temple at 3 to meet and investigator he was going to bring.  We were really excited to go meet a new investigator, so we put it in our plans.  He did not tell us much information over the phone, but we got there at three and he was there with a young lady, both sitting on a bench outside the temple.  (I am assuming it was his girlfriend, both are in their young 20´s).  We went and introduced ourselves, and it looked as though they had been crying a little bit before we got there.  We told a little about ourselves, and then we started a lesson there on the temple grounds.  She told us that as she was sitting outside the temple with the member, she felt something she had never felt before.  It was such a strong feeling that she began to cry, (that explains why they looked as though they had been crying).  As she started describing this feeling and telling us about this experience that she had just had, she starting tearing up and getting emotional again.  We began to tell her what is was she was feeling (the Holy Ghost) and the reason that God gives us the Holy Ghost, and how we can be guided and directed by the Holy Ghost.  We introduced baptism into the lession, and when we invited her to be baptized, she accepted without hesitation!  We told her we would be teaching her more, so that she could know for sure that what we were saying was true, and she immediately told us that she knew it was true!  She said that thanks to that feeling she had, she knew that this church was true and that she needed to get baptized!  We taught her about prayer, and she was able to give the closing prayer, after which she began to cry again!  She told us she would be coming to church this sunday with the member, and we are very excited to continue helping her follow the Holy Ghost, and follow the path that God has for her in her life!  It was truly a blessing that we could meet someone that was so prepared to hear about the gospel, and it was such a wonderful experience to see the Holy Ghost taking effect in this persons life! To be able to see her recognize the Holy Ghost for the first time in her life and to see her willingly follow these promptings, without hesitating!

I am so grateful for the influence on the Holy Ghost in my own life, and that I too, have felt the powerful promptings from God, through the Holy Ghost, guiding and directing me every day!  I hope we can all remember to search out these feelings and thoughts that God gives us through the Holy Ghost to be able to follow Him and to fill our lives with peace and joy!  It is truly the way we can return and live with God in eternal happiness!

-Elder Oyler

4 of my 5 companions!  All at a zone/stake activity on Sunday.

He finally received his birthday card!  :)