Saturday, May 28, 2016

Companion exchange

The weather is still hot here in Ecuador, but it is much cooler now at night and in the morning!  There is a little more of a breeze now which really makes it a lot nicer at night and in the morning!  During the day it is still hot, but you can tell a bit of a difference at night that we are in the cooler season here in Ecuador.

       So I had a companionship exchange yesterday, and I went to work with one of the zone leaders, since the other zone leader (Elder Butler, the old mission financer) leaves this next week and came in to the office to answer any final questions or concerns that Elder Spencer had about being the mission financer.  And lucky me, the other zone leader was my trainer in Babahoyo!  So I got to spend a day in his sector teaching with him again!  It was a really cool experience!  I am glad I got to teach with him again!  For part of the day we got to go to the Ecuadorian air force base to visit some of the convert families that are living there (his sector has the airport in in).  That was pretty cool to go and walk through the base visiting families, since it is quite a bit calmer inside the base than out in the city.  It is always a wonderful experience to be able to visit anyone, anywhere, coming to share a message about Christ!

          I hope you all will remember that serving and representing Christ, as a full-time missionary or not, is such a wonderful calling, duty, responsability, and more than anything a privilege that every baptized member of the church has!  I have found so much joy in trying to become like Him, and trying to help and serve others as He would!  Humbly seeking Him and following Him will help us become like Him and help us find joy and bring joy to others!  

Have a wonderful week!

-Elder Oyler

More iguana pictures

Elder Spencer and the temple!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Another earthquake!

There was another earthquake this week!  I was helping at a zone conference, and in that moment I was in the chapel where the zones were being taught by the mission president.  What was funny is that just 10 minutes before, the mission president was talking about what to do in an earthquake and how other things about earthquakes, and then 10 minutes later the earthquake happened!  I think I felt it a little bit before everyone else did.  The bench I was on was moving very slightly, and soon after it picked up a little bit more!  It wasn´t as strong as the first one in Ecuador, but it did move the building back and forth quite a bit, and it went on for about a minute!  A very cool experience!  I don´t think it did any major damage like the one before did so that is good!

      Not a whole lot of new stuff this week.  I got to go to the temple 3 times this week for zone conferences which was super awesome!  Also, the stake is putting a lot of focus on temple work and family history, and as we are learning more so we can teach more, I am realized how cool it is that we can find our family names and take them to the temple to do ordenances for them, because they can´t do them!  I wish I had done more family history before the mission, but I encourage you all to find the joy that I am starting to find, even just from helping someone else do family history and temple work!  It is truly a wonderful blessing and opportunity!  

     I don´t have a lot to say this week, but I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Oyler
Look who I found!
(With Elder Lyons, from our ward)

View from a member's house

I found this in a taxi!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The iguanas....

 Well I have quite an interesting experience to share this week.... I had an experience that I am sure is not too common!
     So Elder Norris, one of the other office Elders, and I were going about doing some errands to send off the group of missionaries that were leaving this last week.  We were walking by the baseball park by our office under the trees, when something hit my shoulder!  Also, at the same time I heard what sounded like someone turning an air conditioning unit off from above, (sometimes when they turn off they start leaking water so it just sounded like water hitting the ground) which isn´t too uncommon here.  But then I realized that we were walking under some trees, so there could not have been an AC unit above us!  I looked over at Elder Norris, and could tell he knew what happened.  My shoulder had gotten a little wet, and was about to touch it (it was almost on my back where I couldn´t see it) but Elder Norris said, ´´you might not want to do that´´.  Then he told me that we had been pooped on by an iguana.  Sure enough, there was an iguana up in the tree that had pooped on us.  :)  So we had to go back and wash our shirts and everything.  Sadly I didn´t have my camera on me, so I couldn´t take a picture, but luckily it didn´t get us too bad!  We were walking side by side, but it was placed just right in which it got us both on the edges of our shoulders.  I never thought that would ever happen to me in my life!  Quite an interesting experience!
      Also this week, we met a guy who was a reference from a member family.  We met with him in the home of the members, and had a really great lesson about the Godhead, and about faith repentance and baptism.  He was a little quiet the whole time, but we could tell he was truly thinking about what we were teaching!  He accepted the invitation to be baptized, and then he asked a super cool question!  He asked, ´´How long until the baptism?´´  That was a super cool moment!  It was really cool to see him feel the Spirit, and to see his desire to learn more and to follow Christ!  Even though he was pretty quiet, he had a few questions during the lesson that showed he was truly interested and searching for the truth!  I don´t believe he lives in our sector, so we will have to pass the reference so they other missionaries can teach him and his family, but it was a very cool experience to have!
       This next week there are zone conferences again, which means the office will be busy, but we will also be able to go to the temple a few times!  I am very excited for that, and excited for another week to be a missionary and represent our Lord and Savior!  I know He lives and that He teaches and shows us the way to true, eternal happiness!
     I hope you all have a great week!
-Elder Oyler
A cool spider I found  :)

Sunset from our office

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spiritually centered

It has been a great week!  Last week one of the assistants to the president went home, so I got to  drop him off at the airport!  It was great getting to work a little bit with the assistants!  And this next week the other assistant goes home so I will get to take him to the airport as well, and get to meet another new assistant!

I also got to travel to Durán (a city just across the river from Guayaquil) this week with Elder Spencer because he had to go approve a new missionary house.  It is pretty cool to be able to see more of the mission and be able to help the mission in these ways!  Definitely a cool experience to be in the office.

Also, recently we have been trying harder to work more with the ward, and we have seen results!  Before, it was really hard to work with ward leaders, but we have just continued to offer our help and try to do the best we can to help the ward out, and their attitude has started to change!  The bishop talked to us, and said he hasn´t always had the best experience with the missionaries before, but that he, and other leaders can see that we want to help, and they are starting to open up to us more!  I am really excited to continue to build this relationship with the ward, and I can see how it is already starting to help us a lot!  I am really learning the importance of each and every calling there is in the ward!  Even without a calling, each one of us can make a huge difference and help God in His work a lot!

Also, I have been focusing a lot on having a spiritually centered life.  Even as a misisonary, it is easy to get distracted by a lot of things, and just lose focus on God´s work and glory, but I have seen that as our thoughts, actions, and habits are centered in Christ and His Atonement, that life just goes better and I am a lot happier!  Even if we aren´t doing anything bad, when we aren´t filling our thoughts and lives with this wonderful gospel, we don´t receive all the blessings that can come from our Father!  So I hope we can all live a Christ centered life, and have a spiritual mindset!

 Bye Elder Rydalch! (Assistant)
(Watch for him on the U of U B-ball team.
And remember that I have played B-ball with him) :)
Bridge in our sector

Durán trip