Saturday, March 26, 2016

General Conference!

This week we had zone conferences again, so that was the big portion of what I did.  But I am super excited that General Conference is next week!!  We get to listen to our prophets and church leaders! We get to listen to what God wants to say to each one of us!!  I am very excited, and I hope you all get too watch all of the sessions of General Conference!
       Also, I am loving more and more the gospel of Christ!  It continues to amazing me, that every morning in my scripture studies, I find the exact help and answers that I need!  It is amazing how consistently it works, and how perfectly it helps me!  It is just another miracle that does not cease to amaze me!  I have really learned and gained a deep love for the scriptures, and my testimony of how important and helpful they are in our lives continues to grow!  
     Not to much more for this week, but I hope you all continue to go about seeking good, and searching for Christ, especially in this Easter season!  There is so much hope in Christ, and in TRULY following Him!  I hope you all make an extra effort this week to follow Christ and find a new life through Him!

-Elder Oyler

Part of Guayaquil


Saturday, March 19, 2016


I don´t have a lot of time to write this week, but we had zone conferences this week, and most of the week the office missionaries have had to help with that, so that has been most of what we have done.  But that means we got to the temple with every zone that came, so I got to go three times this week, and I should get to go another 3 times next week!  It is such a blessing and a great opportunity! :)  Anyways, we have mostly just been doing zone conference stuff this week, but we had two baptisms this morning!  Two people who moved here from Colombia!  They are both great people, and I was so happy to be able to see them take the decision to follow Christ.

  I know that Christ is the way, and that through Him, we find true joy and eternal life and everlasting happiness, now and forever!  Don´t ever forget it!  Search Him and follow Him!

-Elder Oyler
Baptism!  Marlion and Alejandra Martinez

With the ward members :)

Temple with the moon

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I love being a missionary!

It has been a great week!  Just still learning more about my new job in the office, but I have really just come to love this work so much!  Every day, as I understand and learn so much more about the plan and work that God has for each one of us, my love for it all grows so much!  I am coming to truly understand and gain a testimony of all the things I was taught and learned before my mission!  I know I have changed so much, and that my life will be so blessed because of my time here as a missionary!  So I don´t have a lot to write this week, but I just want to let you know how much I love God´s plan, and His work!  I know He lives, and that Christ and His gospel really are the way back to God, and the way to find true, lasting joy, even in this life!  That we all remember and act on this knowledge is my wish!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

-Elder Oyler
Book of Mormon in Quichua :)
(We have a few copies in the mission house.)

Cool temple pic
(The temple is right by our sector and sometimes when we have to do splits with the other office elders we get to walk right by it because it is in their sector.)  
Really cool to work so close to a temple :)


Cool staircase thing :)

Cool view we found while finding a reference

Saturday, March 5, 2016


So I finally experienced a huge rain storm!!  The water was half way up my calf right outside of our house!!  It rains so much!!! The streets fill up so fast and the drains cant drain it fast enough!! haha it was definitely a cool experience!!  Now I know what they all talk about here when they say it rains a lot :) it truly does!!
      We had a really cool lesson with a less active this week.  We found a less active who has started coming to church these last few weeks.  He got involved in some addictive things, but he has such a desire to change!! He knows that it is through Christ that he can change, and he has changed his life to have a more Christ centered life.  He is reading the scriptures, doind family home evenings, going to church, and Christ is such a bigger part of his life and he is truly trying to follow Christ!  And he is progressing.  He has hope.  He has faith.  And he has already changed so much, and continues to change!  Christ is real!!  Anyways, this week he called us telling us he has some friends from a help group that he and other people with addiction problems attend.  He wanted to introduce his 2 friends from this group.  We got there, and he shows up with 3 friends!  He got one more person to come listen to us!  We taught them about repentance, that through Christ they can change, and the spirit was very strong for all 6 of us in the room!!  And the less active really wanted to help them!  Not only did he invite them and us to this lesson, but he knew that the message we had about Christ is true, and really works!  Several times he testified of Christ and the healing and changing that Christ can make happen in each one of us, and the spirit he invited was so strong!! With his testimony, the others could see that this message is true!  That this is Christ´s church!  That we can all receive help, and change when we come unto Christ!  I know as well, that Christ is real.  That he lives, that we can change, and become more like Him everyday.  We can overcome problems, and we can find joy, peace, and comfort, always, in our lives when we come to Christ!! That we all come to Jesus Christ and follow Him is my wish!  I know that He is the way!!
      Just something to think about this week.... I have realized how much we can learn from others.  Without judging, we can learn from good and bad example, and become better people for that.  But I have discovered that there is so much to be learned by the example we have!! For one, we can learn soooo much from Christ´s example, also the prophets, in the Book of Mormon and in the scriptures, and from the prophets in our day, church leaders, parents, family members, neighbors, there are so many!! My invitation this week is to be observant and try to learn from others, and apply what you learn into your own life.  And of course, with the help of God, we can develop those characteristics and become better people, better able to help others, and more like Christ!

-Elder Oyler

New office members

Chifles (super good)  basically potato chips, but banana chips :)

View from a member's house



We just had to run through it.