Monday, January 25, 2016

Children of God!

Its starting to rain a little more!  My shoes seem to always be dirty, no matter how hard I try to keep them clean because my sector is mostly dirt roads... :)  But the days when it rains or when there are just clouds are a little cooler so it is nice!  The mornings are especially nice when it can rain and be cool while we are studying :)  But the hard rains are still to come!  But I am enjoying it all and will continue to enjoy whatever comes! :)
    Also, in my study sessions and prayers, I have come to realize and understand how real it is when we say we are children of God!  I am developing a very personal relationship with my father, who is in heaven.  He truly knows and loves each one of us perfectly!  He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to make it possible for us to return to Him again!  I am learning how real this is!  We truly have a home in heaven, and God truly has eternal glory for us, if only we come unto Christ and follow Him!  We are not perfect, but thanks to Christ and His atonement, we can become perfect and worthy to inherit the very real treasure that God has for each one of us personally.  I can feel His very real love, and I know we can feel that always, we just have to search it out, and ask Him to show His love for us as we search for it!  This gospel is real!  God is our loving Father!  Search for His love and follow his Only Begotten Son!

Alma 40 (Especially verses 11-12)

Have an amazing week!
-Elder Oyler

Braian Aguirre (Ward missionary)

It is starting to rain more!

River (a lot higher!)

Streets after the rain

Water draining into a draining system that is being built (So much water! Even in a light storm!)

Flooded soccer field

Rays of sun over field

Christmas package received from Aunt GayDawn!  Thank you, Aunt GayDawn!

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Words of God

Luckily these past few days have been a Little cooler and cloudy :) it has been nice! I think normally this time of year it would be raining a lot and then a lot of sun afterwards!  But we will see if that starts up here soon :)  It has been raining a Little more, but not a whole lot yet!  There are definitely lots of new bugs and life though, from the rain that we have gotten :)
     Just another reminder that the scriptures contain the words of God! I receive answers and feeling from God through the scriptures, every morning!! Don`t forget that we can receive what we are looking for through Christ, through the scriptures, and through the góspel! That is the key to life! 
   I hope you all have a great week!
-Elder Oyler


A weird beetle that flew into our house that looks like a rock from above and flies around like crazy!  Lots of new life thanks to the rain!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Member Missionary Work

This week has been good!  We have a few investigators from Montalvo now! The Little town that is about a half hour away from Babahoyo.  We still only go up once a week, but the members there are very good to work with the people in Montalvo, finding their friends, and others who are willing to hear the góspel, and then they invite them all for a family night that we go and put on for all the people they find in Montalvo.  There are always people at the family night, and now there are two new people who have come to church to investigate more, which is really impressive!  There are only a few active families in Montalvo, but they are always finding people to hear about this wonderful góspel, and even though we can``t go to Montalvo very much, the Work still moves forward there, because of the members!  This truly shows how important members are in the work!  I am seeing how much more effective it is to have the members, who know and have relationships with the people here, invite people to hear the góspel!  This is how is should be with us all, and I hope I can follow their examples after I return from my misión!  They are truly amazing! 
     It is getting hotter hear, raining a Little more often and then when the sun comes out it is even hotter and more humid always!  We always have a fan on us now in the house :)  So the hot season is coming now, and other than that, we continue working in the wonderful work of the Lord! I see blessings form this every day! :)  I hope you all can find these blessing too! Have a wonderful week!
Joel, an investigator from Montalvo


Fields between Babahoyo and Montalvo

Monday, January 4, 2016

I heard the voice of God!

I heard the voice of God!  In my studies this morning, I heard the voice of God!! It was really an amazing experience that was greater than any before it!  It wasn´t a physical voice, but I was studying and finding scriptures that stood out to me and were perfect for the questions, worries, and fears that I had.  And I heard His voice in the thoughts, impressions, and feelings that I felt!  It was incredible!! He was literally responding to me personally and perfectly through the scriptures and thoughts and impressions.  I know that God talks to us, and we can all have an experience where we literally ´hear the voice of God, and feel his love, it is very real!'
      Also, for new years at midnight, everyone here burns these little paper mache type figures that are loaded with explosives, which is quite interesting :)  We had permission to stay up to see it, which is good because we wouldn´t have been able to sleep through it. But right outside of our house there were several groups of these figures.  We went up to the top of the house, (3 floors up) and we watched it all from our top floor.  WOW! It was really loud and these figures were just exploding in the street launching flames up into the sky!  It was crazy!! 
    I hope you all enjoyed the new years, and I hope you all have a spectacular 2016! Make every moment of it great!
   -Elder Oyler
Figures ( they are called Monigotes)

Monigotes burning on another street (flames visible above the houses)
In front of our house

I will have to describe later.  :)