Monday, December 28, 2015


I don´t have a lot of time, but Christmas was great!! We spent the 22nd and 23rd in Guayaquil as a mission and got to work and skype on Christmas which both were actually really great! We sang hymns for lots of our lessons and that was super cool!! Also, seeing the family was great!! Families are amazing!
    Also, a few have asked about how christmas is celebrated here, The people here usually party until late in the night/ early in the morning on Christmas Eve, and they have little statue things that they make and they have those around, statues of minions (The movie), spiderman, batman, etc are the most common, but I have heard that on new years they blow them all up at midnight, and party late that day as well, which I will see how that goes this week :)
   Sorry that I don´t have more time, but I hope that you all enjoyed Christmas!! Christmas was great for me on the mission! Even though I was a little worried about having a  different Christmas at first.
    Also, I finished my 12 weeks of training and now I have a new companion, Elder Alvarado! He is also from Peru, and has about 6 or 7 months in the mission, but he has already trained someone else, so I am excited to work with him! I am the only one that knows the sector now, so I have a lot more responsibility, but I am excited to work with a new companion, even though Elder Garcia was great!  I know I will learn a lot and grow a lot now that I am the only one that knows the sector and investigators and such :) I will update you more on how it goes next week! I hope you all have an amazing week, an amazing new years, and trust in God always!
-Elder Oyler
New house

Navidad with the zone

Monday, December 21, 2015


    First of all, Merry Christmas to you all!!  I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, and most of all, that you remember the true reason for Christmas!  This year I have realized a lot more how wonderful the true meaning of Christmas is!  Ha nacido un Salvador! There is such hope and joy in this!  Before my misión, I almost treated it as a burden to have to take away from the gifts and all these things to read about the birth of Christ and really remember Him, I always knew it was important, but I never truly appreciated it.  This year, I realize that it is not a burden!  It should be the main focus of Christmas, but why?  Because it truly makes Christmas so much better!  I am discovering so much peace in studying and pondering about Christ's birth, and even though there isn`t a Christmas tree in my house with presents underneath, and family and friends to enjoy a Christmas dinner with, I am so happy that it is the Christmas season!  Because I have realized what a joy and peace it is to truly comprehend what it means that our Savior was born more tan 2000 years ago.  There is true joy, happiness, peace, etc. in the true meaning of Christmas, and I encourage you all to really think or study about it, with real intent, and it will really make your Christmas so much happier and more meaning full!  It doesn`t have to be a burden, like it has been for me before this year! 
      Updates, I am really loving Montalvo!! It is such a cool Little town and there aren`t crickets in Montalvo! :)  Also, we have 4 baptisms last week!! That was awesome! :)

Have a Merry Christmas!!

-Elder Oyler
Bus to the mountains :)
Path to river

Bridge over river

For Kylie---this was in our house one day.  :)

Crab--for the second time in my life.  :)

Maria Bajaña

Maritza Pilai

Ronaldo Chillogalli

Cristian Parra

Monday, December 14, 2015


I don`t have a lot of time this week, but I want to share a Book of Mormon story that really helped me this week.  Ammon, when he went to preach to the Lamanites, had an amazing desire to live among, and serve, the Lamanites.  This was his only desire!  And this, along with his faith and prayers, brought miracles to his life and to the lives of many Lamanites!  I realized that even though I had the desire to be here, I also had other small desires, like sometimes having a desire to spend Christmas with family, or other small things like that that would distract me from what my one desire should be as a missionary.  I have focused on that this week and it has changed me a lot! I am so much happier to be here and everything is going better now that I have realized what my one desire is.  Even though it is hard sometimes to stay focused on my misión, it is truly bringing blessings!  I realized how important our desires are!  Desires and faith are what lead us to everything else! 
   I don`t have more time, but I hope you all have a great week!
-Elder Oyler 

So many different fruits here!
Montalvo (river and mountains)

Montalvo (on exchanges with Elder Albrecht and we had
the ward misión leader, Alberto Junco, with us)



Monday, December 7, 2015

Temple, Zone Conference, Great food, Rain, ¿¿GRILLOS??

We went to the temple this week before our zone conference! It was amazing!  I love to temple so much!  Also the zone conference was great!  We got to stay in a Little hotel type building that the church owns by the temple, so we got pure running wáter and a hot shower! :) Also, the food was provided for us that day and the food was great! Not that rice is bad, but it was good to have a rice free day :)  I really don´t mind the rice though!  The zone conference was great, and we learned as missionaries how important the book of mormon is and how important it is that we develop a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  I know both are true, and these past 2 weeks I have really developed such a stronger love for Joseph Smith and realized a Little more how important he is in this dispensation.  I encourage you all to read Joseph Smith History, because we can truly learn a lot from Joseph Smith and his example and I know that I didn´t read it very much before my misión, but it is truly amazing!
     Anyways, after the zone conference, we got back to Babahoyo at about 8:30 at night on thursday.  (It rained quite a bit earlier in the week) and there were grillos (crickets) EVERYWHERE!!  In the bus terminal it was the worst, and as we waiting for a taxi the crickets were just jumping on us and crawling on us and they were everywhere!  There were a few in our house when we got back as well.  So thats new this week.  It is starting to be the rainy hot humid season, so there will probably be crickets, at least here in Babahoyo, until April ish.  Also, this year is supposed to be worse with the rain and everything, so these next few months should be exciting!  The crickets are big crickets too!  They are as bigger than the grasshoppers I am used to at home :)
    Last week, I was ´ponderizing´ Moroni 7:48, and so I starting praying that I would have more love for my investigators in particular.  On monday night, We had a lesson with a less active, and we were discussing the plan of salvation.  I know I was blessed because I had so much love for them in that moment, and I started being able to speak more freely in the language, share my testimony with more power, and really teach them to help them.  I knew it was important to have love for those you teach before, but after actually experiencing it, I realize how important it is to love those you serve!  I encourage you all to pray for love for those around you! Whether it is a spouse, a child, sibling, parent, friend, whoever it may be.  I know that as we do this, God will bless us with more love for them, and as were strive to serve them, we will receive true happiness, and both ourselves and those we pray for will be blessed so much!  We will get along better, and all together, our lives will be filled with the love of Christ and the peace and happiness that God can bless us with! 
    I hope you all have an amazing week!
   -Elder Oyler
Hot Christmas

Rain!  Without an umbrella!

Nativity next to the temple

Ecuadorian Sun
(street clothes due to service activity)